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Wanhan Rauman KaffeBar

Fresh bites &
authentic athmosphere.

We serve Mon-Fri 9-20 / Sat 9-19 / Sun 10-18

BLACK LACE NIGHT 26.7. 9.00-01.00

Live music from 17.30 ->

Have a treat.

Fresh baked goods directly from our own bakery - every day.

We bake daily in our small bakery located next to our café. It is important to us that you get a fresh donuts and buns every day of the week.


Have a coffee.

Freshly ground coffee from a small roastery
- according to your taste!

Colorful cups are part of us. In addition to personal and delightful dishes, we have invested in the contents of the cups. We offer fresh coffee roasted at Capri Coffee. 

Have a meal.

At SaladBar you can fill your stomach - choose the size and toppings according to your taste!

For the salad, you can choose tasty filling options according to the season. Rich and fresh salads are available both at lunchtime and during the cafe's other opening hours.


Take a sip.

Would you like a glass of sparkling wine or a cold local beer?

Come and enjoy the moment with us at KaffeBar. Our cafe has A rights and we serve the avec of your choice to accompany your coffee. Alongside the salads, you can choose a glass of wine, and on a hot summer day, you can enjoy wonderful cold drinks on the terrace. KaffeCar also serves the thirsty when the hatch is open!

KaffeCar serves you during the season and weather permitting in our backyard. From KaffeCar you can get selected delicacies, ice creams and drinks. Come and enjoy on our terrace!

Citroën Camionette 1963, France

KaffeCar serves on the terrace of our cafe in Vanha Rauma


Locations & Hours

Stop by for a coffee.


Kuninkaankatu 27

26100 Rauma


Opening hours

Mon - Fri 9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Sat 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m

Sun 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m

Fresh coffee & delicacies from our own bakery.

Local family business.

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