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You can forget about baking because we love baking. Our bakery serves every day.

Is there a party coming up?

Or do you want to surprise your family or coworkers with freshly baked goodies?


Beautiful and delicious cakes.

We bake delicious cakes for your party. We have many different options and we always take your wishes and needs into account. We want you to be proud of your cake!

Authentic taste. From genuine ingredients.

We are baking.

Our bakery bakes every day and we are happy to bake for your party as well. Sometimes it can be nice to surprise family, friends or colleagues with freshly baked goodies.


You can buy smaller quantities directly from the cafe, and order larger quantities in advance. Contact us, and we will plan the best offers for your needs.


Ask for an offer!

For everyday life & celebration

Order Selection

Donuts & buns

Donut (L, eggless) €2.80

Butter eye bun (L) €2.80

Cinnamon roll (L, incl. hazelnut) €3.20

Almond croissant €4.00

Croissant €3.00

Ask for an offer for larger quantities.


Cream cakes 10 persons / 15 persons / 20 persons from €39

  • strawberry, caramel or raspberry

  • traditional decorative cream frosting or smooth cream frosting

Decorative cakes 10 persons / 15 persons / 20 persons from €50

  • decorative cream cakes for christenings, baby showers, weddings or any celebration

  • can be dyed with the color of your choice (full color or as a gradient), the additional price is agreed separately

  • can be decorated e.g. with real flowers additional price depending on the flowers

Brita cakes 8 persons / 12 persons / 16 persons / 20 persons / 24 persons from €40

  • strawberry, raspberry, raspberry&caramel, raspberry&blueberry or lingonberry&caramel

Cheesecakes for 6-8 people / 12-14 people from €32

  • as cheese or mousse cakes

  • on a gluten-free cookie base

  • as flavor options, e.g. raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, sea buckthorn, blackcurrant, lingonberry, lemon, lime, orange, mango, apple, passion fruit, chocolate, white chocolate (incl. milk), caramel, latte, nutella (incl. milk & nuts), cinnamon

  • jelly on top +€3

Ask for an offer and let's design a lovely cake for your party together!


Savory pies for 8-10 people from €32-39

  • broccoli & feta (L)

  • mozzarella & tomato

  • goat cheese & tomato

  • ham (L)

  • ham & paprika (L)

  • salmon (L)

Sandwich cakes 10 persons / 15 persons / 20 persons prices from €52

  • vegetable (L), ham (L), salmon (L)

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