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When you buy a gift card online, you get

6 months more validity period!


A coffee moment as a gift.

What could be a nicer way to remember a friend than a gift card for treats. You can buy cardboard Gift Cards from our cafe or electronic Gift Baskets here on our website. You can order Gift Cards purchased online either to your email or to the recipient's email.

You can order larger quantities of gift cards in advance via e-mail , and we will write them ready for you to pick up from the cafe.

Gift cards from the cafe or online.

Online gift cards.

Order gift cards conveniently online! We will deliver the gift card to your desired email address. So you can order a gift card directly to the recipient or to your own e-mail and print the gift card yourself before giving the gift.

Please note that online gift cards have a validity period of one year as an advantage for online subscribers.

Up to 6 months longer than when bought in a cafe!

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